Principal Analytics Prep

opens the door to your new career in
business analytics and data science.

opens the door to your new career in business
analytics and data science.

January 9, 2018

How to Break into Data Science & Analytics

Analytics Careers Talk by
Kaiser Fung
Founder, Principal Analytics Prep
Author, Professor, Blogger

New York Public Library, SIBL
Jan 9, 2018, 6 – 7:30 pm
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November 30, 2017

Principal Analytics Prep

announces the

Founder’s Scholarship for Women
in Data Science & Analytics

Apply here

Note: A CDS application must be submitted first

For consideration, apply by Nov 30, 2017

Winter, 2018

Announcing Winter 2018 Cohort

Classes will run from

January 22 – April 16, 2018

Accepting applications today!

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A member of the Harvard Business School Startup Studio in New York City, Principal Analytics Prep is the brainchild of Kaiser Fung, a widely-cited industry expert and educator. He was founding director of the Master of Science in Applied Analytics program at Columbia University. He also established or managed data teams at Vimeo, SiriusXM Radio, [X+1] (ad-tech) and American Express. Kaiser is author of Numbers Rule Your World and Numbersense, best-selling books that explore how data analytics transform decision-making in business and government.


Broad Curriculum of
Essential Knowledge

12 weeks of intensive practical skills courses taught by tenured industry experts and hiring managers.

Balanced and broad coverage of all essentials of business analytics and data science, including statistical reasoning, computing skills, and business knowledge

Elite quality program with small class size at professional-grade facility in New York City

Exposure to our deep network of practitioners, averaging 10-15 years of industry experience

Continuous career guidance throughout your job search


The distinguished faculty at Principal Analytics Prep consists of tenured industry experts who are also seasoned hiring managers. Our average instructor has over 10 years of experience running business analytics and data science for leading companies. Many have earned degrees from, or taught at, prestigious universities. They are passionate about training the next generation of industry leaders.



CDS graduates will typically secure jobs across a variety of industries with the following sample job titles:

• business intelligence manager
• data scientist
• data & analytics consultant
• digital marketing analyst
• business operations manager
• data reporting analyst
• marketing analytics manager
• consumer insights manager
• advertising analytics manager
• social media specialist/analyst
• financial planning analyst
• testing and optimization specialist
• web analyst
• strategic analytics manager
• data visualization specialist


Principal Analytics Prep is located at the Harvard Business School Startup Studio in New York City. The HBS Startup Studio nurtures innovative startups founded by HBS alumni.

We can help you navigate your career transition into business analytics or data science, an exploding field with huge growth. Fill out the following form to schedule a free consultation with our counselor, to receive program announcements, or to request an application.

Admission is on a rolling basis. Because of the small class size, admission is highly selective and we encourage you to apply early.

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