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advanced Excel course Program – The 21st century will be defined by the Data Revolution. The widespread availability of data unbalances incumbent power structures, and reshapes wealth and resource distributions. Data becomes a new economic asset participating in the fundamental law measuring the worth of citizens and workers. Those who don’t understand data stand to lose social and economic status.

Data can create serious harm. Data can be manipulated, falsified, cherry-picked, planted, deleted, mislabeled, misaligned, or misleading in any numbers of ways. Bad data also arise naturally, without malice or carelessness. The best way to protect oneself against bad data is to become data-literate.

advanced Excel course Program – Data has the potential to be a great equalizer. The discipline of statistics and data analysis encompasses both art and science, utilizes both objective evaluation and subjective assumptions, and requires both hard knowledge and soft skills. As a result, all persons of any age, gender, ethnicity, religious belief, socio-economic background, or sexual orientation can be trained to become expert interpreters of data. Indeed, any nation that wants to thrive in the 21st century is smart to ensure data literacy across its citizenry.

advanced Excel course Program – The mission of Principal Analytics Prep is to prepare citizens and workers to negotiate the Data Revolution, so that they may emerge as winners in the 21st century realignment.

The Certified Data Specialist program, run by Principal Analytics, opens the door to new careers in business analytics and data science.

Principal Analytics Prep is located at the Harvard Business School Startup Studio in New York City. The HBS Startup Studio nurtures innovative startups founded by HBS alumni.

We can help you navigate your career transition into business analytics or data science, an exploding field with huge growth. Fill out the following form to schedule a free consultation with our counselor, to receive program announcements, or to request an application.

Admissions is on a rolling basis. Because of the small class size, admissions is highly selective and we encourage you to apply early.

Hiring managers for data science and business analytics roles are famous for being hyper-demanding: they want unicorns, modern-age Renaissance men and women, jack-of-all-trades, walking encyclopedias, polymaths, and Jedi masters.

advanced Excel course Program – The key skills commonly found in the best data analysts and scientists fall into three categories: Computing, Statistics and Business. Most academic degrees and bootcamps focus on one of these areas. Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS curriculum places all Three Pillars on equal footing, giving you the solid foundation for your data career. Our mission is to train you to solve business problems using data and quantitative analyses.

advanced Excel course Program – Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS program gives you a rock-solid foundation in data science and analytics, filling in gaps on your resume, making it much more appealing to prospective hiring managers.

The data science and business analytics function has been expanding tremendously at all businesses in all industries in the last five to ten years.

At any time, there are many thousands of open job requisitions on sites like LinkedIn and for data science and business analytics. The average and median salary for junior data scientists, data analysts, and business intelligence managers in the New York area is between $90,000 and $120,000, as reported by sites like Payscale and Glassdoor.

advanced Excel course Program – Every department within a business can benefit from incorporating data into its decision-making process. Therefore, data science and analytics jobs come in a huge variety. Most of these jobs are attached to business units. advanced Excel course Program


Marketing Analytics Manager

advanced Excel course Program

CRM Analytics Marketing Manager

Marketing Analytics Data Scientist

Web Analytics Manager

Acquisition & Website Marketing Analyst

Customer Data & Analytics Technology Manager

Marketing Analytics & Reporting Manager

Test & Learn Analytics Data Scientist

Content and Media Analytics Manager

Market Research Analyst

Data Analyst

Data Scientist – Digital Intelligence

Strategic Business Analytics Manager

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Project Manager

Data Quality Manager

Pricing Strategy & Analytics Manager

Advertising Operations and Analytics Associate Manager

Advanced Fraud Analytics Manager

Global Costing & Analytics Analyst

Corporate Analytics Analyst

Statistician, Analytical Insights

Manager, Analytics Capability

Senior Analyst, Data & Analysis

Data Strategist

Corporate Compliance Data Analyst

Modeling and Data Analytics Manager

Business Analytics and Reporting Manager

Manager, Analytics & Optimization

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

People Analytics Manager

Associate Director for Performance Analytics

Human Capital, Advanced Analytics Associate

Recruiting Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Scientist, Natural Language Processing

Data Engineer, Advanced Analytics

Machine Learning Engineer

Data Services Developer

Data Integration and Operations Analyst

Business Intelligence Data Warehouse Developer

Data Warehouse Analyst

Data Platforms Engineer

ETL Data Analyst

Big Data Applications Developer

Data News Developer

Machine Learning Data Scientist

Web Scraping Data Analyst

Data Commercialization Product Manager

Product Analyst

Content Analytics Associate

Financial Product Strategy & Analytics Manager

Data Architect

SQL Analyst

Business Analyst, Operations & Analytics

Supply Chain Analytics Manager

Scientist, Business Process Modeling and Simulation

Analyst, Decision Sciences

Performance Analyst, Dashboard Analytics

Ecommerce Business Analyst

Digital Analytics Integration Manager

Data Transformation Project Manager

IT Audit Data Analytics Associate

Data Operations Engineer

Sales Reporting & Analytics Associate

Sales Data Insights Manager

Global Merchandise Analytics Analyst

Key Account Analytics Manager

Donor Relations & Analytics Manager

Analytics Solution Advisor

Account Executive, Analytics Platform

Data Analyst

Data Consulting Specialist

Big Data Consultant

Data Visualization Consultant

Analytics Technical Consultant

Analytical Consultant

Analytics Engagement Manager

Banking Analytics Solutions Manager

Data Solutions Specialist

advanced Excel course Program