These are the Key
Skills Needed for
Data Analytics

These are the Key
Skills Needed for
Data Analytics

Hiring managers for data science and business analytics roles are famous for being hyper-demanding: they want unicorns, modern-age Renaissance men and women, jack-of-all-trades, walking encyclopedias, polymaths, and Jedi masters.

The key skills commonly found in the best data analysts and scientists fall into three categories: Computing, Statistics and Business. Most academic degrees and bootcamps focus on one of these areas. Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS curriculum places all Three Pillars on equal footing, giving you the solid foundation for your data career. Our mission is to train you to solve business problems using data and quantitative analyses.

  • What most coding and technical classes can teach you is the ability to absorb a particular language and its nuances, but Prof Fung’s class groomed me with a critical and analytical mindset towards handling complex data problems, the potential to model data based on core statistical concepts, and the ability to determine the integrity of data in a very realistic way.

    I think my biggest takeaway from his class was a strong number sense and the approach to handle data in a very logical and practical way. Prof Fung gave us a complete insight into the world of data analytics and simplified the process of data cleaning, analyzing and visualizing.

    I walked away with a very objective attitude towards the complex world of data analytics. I really appreciate the invaluable real world insights and cases that were discussed in class. What most coding and technical classes can teach you is the ability to absorb a particular language and its nuances, but Prof Fung’s class groomed me with a critical and analytical mindset towards handling complex data problems, the potential to model data based on core statistical concepts, and the ability to determine the integrity of data in a very realistic way.

    Being a statistician, Prof Fung not only gives you the requisite quantitative skills, but being an industry expert for years, he also gives you the soft skills which most analytics classes do not give. I definitely think the world of analytics needs more Professors like Prof Kaiser Fung because anyone can teach you numbers but not everyone can give you a “Numbersense”.

    Karuna Balani, Data Analyst, Gravity Media
  • Taking Kaiser’s class on careers in data science was invaluable to my recent career change from the music business to analytics. Kaiser is one of the few people in the data arena who is a high-powered scientist, a great communicator, and has had extensive business experience.

    Kaiser’s perspective takes in everything from coding to management skills from the highest levels of academia and business. His class enabled me to identify an area that makes sense for my technical skills a personality-based, human point of view as well. The information was invaluable in my recent career change.

    To quote the great scientist, Astronaut Kalpana Chawla, “The path from dreams to success does exist. May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get onto it and the perseverance to follow it.”

    John Rosenfelder, Vice President, Digital Strategy & Analytics, Eleven Seven Music Group
  • My experience at Principal Analytics Prep has been life changing.

    I’ve been out of work for a few months and Principal Analytics Prep not only taught me valuable tech and reasoning skills, but it showed me my potential and how I can go beyond that. For example, I’ve dabbled a little in programming before coming here but now I can do data visualization or even machine learning projects, which I can show at my next job interview.

    The real key is the people. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to study with–they are all just passionate and supportive willing to help anyone out.

    Former Student
  • I am so glad I left law school for this. I went from asking “will I get a job” to “where will I get a job.”  I am ultra-confident that with my Principal Analytics Prep family’s support system, there’s nowhere to go but up for me.

    Kaiser’s program is holistic in that it touches business, statistics and computer science. A look through job postings confirms just why he built his program to be multi-faceted. Their hand-picked faculty are a vast pool of knowledge in the given concepts they teach in the program, and are well-seasoned in supervisory, managerial roles as well, including in the realm of hiring. So I have come to respect their insights, input, and constructive critiques at leveraging our individual skillsets, including the skills we learned in Principal Analytics Prep, to our future employers.

    Roman, Former Student and Digital Marketing Analyst
  • I had researched many other programs, both online and formal programs, and without a doubt, Principal Analytics Prep is the finest data analytics and data science program.

    Kaiser Fung has done a great job thoughtfully designing the intensive, so the data analytics, data science, statistics, business and communications all fit and flow together, allowing the concepts and actual programming skills development fall into place in a comprehensive way. As the intensive is held in person in a small group in a formal classroom setting, the learning environment with top instructors is extraordinary. It’s great to cut to the chase and learn hands on skills.

    Laura, Former Student and Executive Coach
  • The program at Principal Analytics Prep is very well-organized, touching on so many fields to prepare participants for data analyses in the digital era.

    This brings out all the difference between Principal Analytics Prep and so many other data science programs that I have had a chance of looking into their curriculum. The different courses are organized in such a way that they merge well into each other, i.e. a previous course will merge well into a future one in a way that participants can relate what’s new with previous material.

    Principal Analytics Prep invites guest speakers to come and share with the participants. These speakers are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including health care, web design and analytics, information technology, etc. Their visits also increase relevant people in your network.

    Felista Nganga, Statistician at South Mill Mushrooms
  • Principal Analytics Prep is the Harvard of Data Science Business Analytics boot camps! Students in the program are empowered with analytics tools and are trained to think in ways that equip them to deliver immediate and impactful results in data-centric organizations.

    The Principal Analytics Prep curriculum is very comprehensive, providing a rich mix of quantitative and qualitative training – Advanced Analytics combined with a Mini-MBA. the business instructors, who are senior executives in major corporation across the U.S., bring practical and innovative insights to the classes that I did not experience in my MBA program.

    In addition, Principal Analytics Prep provides the most comprehensive coaching and career development program I have ever seen! Principal Analytics Prep has exceeded my wildest expectations and have proven to be a tremendous value-added.

    Every one of my classmates is exceedingly generous with their time and expertise both inside and outside the classroom as we help each other with projects and assignments. Since every one of us brings a unique and interesting set of talents, experiences, and expertise to the cohort we are and will be a great resource for each other.

    Christopher Bennett, Student

The 3 Pillars
of a
Data Analyst -
Data Scientist

Traditionally, each Pillar has developed on its own, under names such as Operations Research, Statistics, Decision Science, Management Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Management Information Systems, Information Technology, Design of Experiments, Marketing Research, and Observational Studies. Principal Analytics Prep’s curriculum allows you to integrate the core knowledge in each key discipline, creating a powerful synthesis that appeals to hiring managers who are demanding unicorns.

Our top-notch instructors cover every Pillar of the field of data science and business analytics: Computing, Statistics and Business. You will learn about Python and NoSQL databases; machine learning and statistical models; mobile apps and web analytics; financial statements and business communications; and many other topics. The key components of the CDS curriculum are in the Three Pillars diagram.

The 3 Pillars
of a
Data Analyst -
Data Scientist

Hiring managers want new hires to be productive right away. Equipped with CDS training, you will have a rock- solid foundation, and an ideal launchpad for your new career.

What is a Typical
Day like at
Analytics Prep?

What is a Typical
Day like at
Analytics Prep?

If you are ambitious, determined, and a fast learner, Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS is created especially for you. The 12-week Certified Data Specialist immersion program is a full-throttle educational experience, featuring full days of lectures, occasional guest speakers, social activities and career counselling sessions. CDS is designed by seasoned industry professionals to prepare you for the demanding data science and analytics profession.

The schedule for a sample week in the 12-week program includes these industry-leading features:

• A balance of Computing, Statistics and Business courses, taught by our top-notch faculty
• Guest lectures from our network of expert practitioners
Assignments to reinforce lectures
• Social hours to bond with your classmates
• Career guidance throughout your job search

All CDS students are required to complete the full 12- week program at our top-grade facility in New York City.

A Typical Day at
Principal Analytics Prep


Principal Analytics Prep is located at the Harvard Business School Startup Studio in New York City. The HBS Startup Studio nurtures innovative startups founded by HBS alumni.

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