Passionate &
Distinguished Faculty

Principal Analytics Prep provides an in-person, high-touch, small-class-size experience for all students. We believe these are the optimal conditions for intensive, fast-paced learning. Our faculty is drawn from industry veterans from large and small companies, a variety of industries, and a mix of academic backgrounds. The average instructor has over 10 years of experience in data science and analytics. We have graduates of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Brown, Georgia Tech, and other top universities. Prior and current employers of our instructors include IBM, New York Times, SiriusXM Radio, Buzzfeed, Icahn Associates, PWC, American Express, and so on.

PAP also maintains a network of supporters who act as mentors, advisors and guest lecturers.

Passionate &
Distinguished Faculty



Principal Analytics Prep is located at the Harvard Business School Startup Studio in New York City. The HBS Startup Studio nurtures innovative startups founded by HBS alumni.

We can help you navigate your career transition into business analytics or data science, an exploding field with huge growth. Fill out the following form to schedule a free consultation with our counselor, to receive program announcements, or to request an application.

Admissions is on a rolling basis. Because of the small class size, admissions is highly selective and we encourage you to apply early.

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